Imidacloprid: still as effective as ever

The Flea Susceptibility Monitoring (FSM) programme: assuring the efficacy of imidacloprid

The FSM initiative:

  • Worldwide study conducted by independent scientists
  • Initiated by Bayer over 17 years ago to confirm the continued efficacy of imidacloprid
  • Over 100,000 eggs tested
  • No reduced susceptibility found

Dr Ian Denholm, PhD, FRES, FLS, BBSRC Visiting Scientist, Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom, 15.06.2009

Dr Ian Denholm, PhD, FRES, FLS. BBSRC Rothamsted, United Kingdom

"The FSM programme is unique in terms of geographical scale and duration. It is an excellent example of a pharmaceutical company collaborating with academic organisations to ensure the efficacy and safety of its products."

Michael Rust, MA Phd