Why FSM?

The Flea Susceptibility Monitoring (FSM) initiative

Imidacloprid was launched by Bayer in the US in 1996. Since then, over 100 million doses have been sold worldwide.

Bayer is committed to ensuring the high and long-term efficacy of its products, some of which have been in the marketplace for a long-time.

Bayer has been sponsoring the FSM initiative since 1999, to continually monitor the efficacy of imidacloprid for proven, efficient flea control.

The only programme of its kind

  • Large-scale flea monitoring programme with global sample collection
  • Published monitoring methodology
  • Driven by independent scientists
  • More than 2,200 isolates evaluated to date
  • No reduced susceptibility identified1,5
Bayer’s commitment to animal health is the foundation of this long-term initiative to monitor and publish on flea susceptibility.