100% of tested isolates were susceptible to imidacloprid

Each year, thousands of flea eggs from around the world are analyzed

In all, more than 100,000 eggs from 2,200 isolates have been collected and tested to compare against baseline data established in 1999 by the team of FSM investigators.1,5

Results show that imidacloprid remains highly effective against fleas1,5

There is no evidence of diminished susceptibility of fleas to the long-standing, proven efficacy of the active ingredient imidacloprid.

Flea Isolates Tested (2002 to 2017) Reduced Susceptibility
2,200 0

Dr. Byron Blagburn, MS, PhD, Author, Speaker, Editor,
Auburn University, USA,

Dr. Byron Blagburn, MS, PhD. Auburn University, USA.

"The key finding is that fleas remain just as susceptible to imidacloprid as they did at the time that we initiated the project ten years ago, and that’s important. That’s good news."