Committed to product stewardship

Bayer is committed to the stewardship of its products

To monitor and confirm susceptibility of fleas to imidacloprid
Imidacloprid is the cornerstone ingredient in Bayer’s Advantage family of products and also Seresto

To provide support for veterinarians who recommend these products
Giving veterinarians a tool to shift their client discussion towards compliance to ensure effective flea control (see info box)

We believe in our products
Bayer is the only animal health company conducting a long-term study to monitor and publish on flea susceptibility

Treatment guidelines for ongoing flea control
  • Treat all in-contact animals (including visiting pets)
  • Control access of feral animals to areas frequented by pets (such as a back yard) as they may be a source of fleas
  • Limit pet’s access to areas where flea populations cannot be controlled
  • Provide year-round treatment
  • Ensure correct on-animal application (see product leaflet for complete instructions)